OTAs hit the headlines in the UK today as authorities unveiled a major investigation into their practices. The British competition watchdog is examining booking sites’ “clarity, accuracy and presentation of information” and even questioning whether they break consumer law. It’s great news for consumers, but hoteliers should welcome it with open arms too. After all, it’s a very public acknowledgement that OTAs may not always offer travellers the best possible deal - a myth that has been around for far too long and one that we've been aiming to bust since we first launched the Direct Booking Movement. Here's our Chief Operating Officer James Osmond on the probe: "We are delighted to see the CMA investigating pressure sales and misinformation by the OTAs. For a decade the OTAs have spent billions creating a false impression that the best place to book is always with them. It isn't any more. When you take into account the opportunity for upgrades, extra benefits and the best rates, direct is best." Get the full story at Triptease