A growing number of complaints have now been filed with the European Commission by online travel agencies including ETTSA members. ETTSA strongly supports fair competition in the travel and tourism sector - and the right of European consumers to access transparent and neutral travel information - both of which are fundamental to a well-functioning single market. "Any initiative by an EU Member State that undermines the very principles of the Single Market could harm intra-EU competition and the benefits to consumers of transparency, choice, and comparability brought to them by independent travel distributors," pointed out Mr. Klenner, Secretary General of ETTSA. "The law "Macron" is not very clear and creates a lot of uncertainty to the point where market players do not know what they can or cannot do, at the risk of facing significant fines," Mr Klenner highlighted adding: "In the end it is the consumers lose out". Hoteliers in France and across Europe benefit enormously from the market access independent travel distributors provide them to a global market. The French hoteliers today leverage the technology investments made by independent technology providers and online reservation platforms, offering consumer-friendly features such as independent reviews, comparison tools, local language content, the possibility of paying in their own currency either via their phones or their computers ensure a comprehensive, easy and secure booking experience for travellers. "ETTSA is also concerned that the law seems to conflict with the basic contractual and commercial freedoms of Europe and may infringe on fundamental EU principles such as the free movement of services and EU competition law," said Mr Klenner. "The law seems to be discriminatory, unjustified and imposes obstacles to market access in France. This is particularly unwelcome at a time when the European Commission is seeking to create a truly pan-European marketplace for online services," Mr Klenner concluded.