When Mark Purnell planned a family reunion 10 years ago, he made ample use of the telephone and the United States Post Office. This year, he was on the phone much less and didn?t need to buy postage stamps.

Instead, he relied on the Internet to arrange this year?s reunion, which was held in Las Vegas this summer and attended by 38 family members from across the country. The group stayed in a set of one-bedroom suites in a time-share complex that Mr. Purnell found through GroupAbout, a group travel site. A site called TripHub let Mr. Purnell use e-mail to discuss the plans for reunion activities with his relatives.

At $123 a night each, the rooms were reasonably priced, said Mr. Purnell, a financial adviser in Milwaukee. He said he liked that they weren?t ?tucked away in a high-rise hotel ? we wanted to be able to walk out to the pool, sit under a tree and have a blast.?

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