Across the region, OTAs on average undercut prices on hotel websites by an average of 11.4 per cent or US$12.06, according to data from Triptease, the company behind the Direct Booking Platform, released in its Spotlight on… Direct Bookings: Asia-Pacific whitepaper. A breakdown of undercutting rates, based on Triptease’s clients in the region, shows that the scale of undercutting is far worse in certain countries, including Vietnam, China, Thailand and Malaysia, with some seeing a rate as high as 30 per cent. As a result, many hoteliers in APAC are turning to direct bookings to alleviate the problem. With insight from industry insiders and Triptease’s experience working with 17,000 clients worldwide, Spotlight on… Direct Bookings: Asia-Pacific suggests eight strategies for boosting revenue from hotel websites. Get the full story at Travel Weekly Australia and download the full report at Triptease