OTAs and the GDS have a lot more in common, per se, than traditional travel agnets and the latter, experts believe, regarding the technology itself and not just real time access to and reservation of inventory.

Moreover, that aspect and more, make OTAs a huge, new opportunity for the GDS to tap into. Abacus India MD Viiveck Verma says, "The OTAs can clearly be seen as a method of driving reservation volumes up. Part of this increase is due to the organic growth of the OTA as well as the sheer increase in demand for travel, a lot of which will be funnelled into the online space. Yes, our relationship with the OTA will be more complex, given the much more advanced technology quotient and that in itself presents more vistas for us to use our software, coupled with expertise to provide them more value."

Verma points out that OTAs have had the advantage of being late starters, so as a result, they've got the benefit of learning from the initial experiments undertaken in markets before they reached their current, advanced stage. A lot of the individuals who set OTAs abroad are driving the Indian OTA revolution.

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