By Doug Kennedy

As an active hotel industry trainer who works with hotel and call center reservations agents representing all market segments and geographic locations, it is extremely intriguing to observe firsthand the various ways in which hotel and resort companies are responding to our recent economic conditions which for almost all markets, have been trending downward.

Yet despite all this, there are somehow superstar performers in even the most negatively effected geographic markets. In fact I have observed firsthand clients who are operating in some of the most down-markets; where the comp-set is looking at -25% RevPAR vs. 2008, they are somehow carving out a RevPAR performance that matches or exceeds 2008. Other call center clients have somehow managed to increase their call conversion rations even while overall call conversion for most locations is down because even online bookers now call to double-check the rate offer.

So what are they doing differently? It all starts with having inspired, in-touch owners and financial leaders who knew in advance that the conga line of record years of RevPAR growth couldn