Today’s consumer visits seven to 10 websites before purchasing a hotel reservation: a clear indication that there is a large variety of online options available for hotels’ marketing budgets. Using the power of data to best understand how to maximize channel investments to drive new and recurring business while controlling customer acquisition costs may seem like an endless battle, but demystifying the digital marketplace just got a little bit easier. Kalibri Labs recently released the first of a series of reports to help hoteliers navigate the dynamic digital landscape and maximize revenue growth. Unprecedented in scope and scale, the most comprehensive and extensive research ever published on this issue reveals a rapidly shifting industry: We are currently experiencing the consolidation of online travel agencies, the emergence of sharing economy lodging options and creative new usage of social, mobile and search technologies for booking travel. Yet these industry dynamics are providing new and exciting opportunities for hoteliers to cement the relationship with their customers, while lowering customer acquisition costs and remaining competitive with online travel agencies. Get the full story at Hotel Management