In preparation for the new territorial division, the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau presented a report for 2013 including not only performances of Paris proper, but also of Greater Paris, including the adjacent departments that are the Hauts-de-Seine, Seine-St-Denis and Val-de-Marne. In order to put an end to the fruitless controversy over the capital's global position with respect to London, Thierry Le Roy, president of the PCVB, and Nicolas Lefebvre, general manager, said the old feud over numbers and perimeters was already old, leaving Paris and its inner suburbs in the lead, without even including arrivals figures for Disneyland Paris and Château de Versailles, so they might be considered abroad as being part of the capital's tourism and cultural heritage. Cooperation between the two cities is even sought after on distant markets. As for the tourist arrivals report for 2013, one figure must be considered: 46.8 million tourist arrivals across all types of accommodations (including non-commercial) in Greater Paris, of which 22.6 million hotel arrivals account for close to 50 million nights sold (15.6 million hotel arrivals in Paris proper). Twenty million nights were consumed by French visitors, close to 15 million more by Europeans, 8 million by tourists from the Americas, 6.7 million from the Asia-Pacific and close to a million nights by visitors from Africa and the Middle East. Get the full story at Hospitality-On