In the last twelve months alone, over 150,000 events used Passkey’s cloud-based GroupMAX™ system to book over 10 million hotel reservations and 30 million room nights. While these events ranged from large conferences and conventions to small corporate meetings and gatherings, they all had one thing in common: They allowed meeting planners to handle their hotel accommodation needs with unprecedented ease and peace of mind. Today, Passkey is taking another major step in streamlining the hotel booking experience for meeting and events by launching PasskeyANYWHERE, a new, free and open-for-all online portal for meeting planners: In addition to being a central location for meeting planners to access all of their events, the new portal lets any planner offer a dedicated hotel booking website for any of their events, while utilizing a powerful set of tools such as event dashboards and email alerts that enhance the event experience. With the launch of its planner portal, Passkey is also unveiling a new set of cloud-based tools that help meeting planners drive even more successful events and financial value while reducing their workload, worry and risks. These tools include planner hotel reviews, preferred hotel and venue search and certified event histories (event certificates). Tonya B., a planner at a major financial institution, reflects on her use of GroupMAX: "We have been using Passkey’s tools for over seven years and have had great success with increased pick-up, real time reporting and adding shoulder night. It’s a great service to everyone – the attendee, the planner and the hotel. Everything is in real time, so regardless of time differences, everyone is on the same page at all times. Going forward, we will use it for all of our events.” Another meeting planner notes, "Using Passkey’s GroupMAX, I felt much more in control over my block and more confident in making decisions about my block." Audrey Young, director of conferences and events for Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges, who recently used the system, continues, "I was able to keep track of pick up, view reservations, as well as make and modify reservations and send confirmations. All of this was extremely valuable to me, especially since I was concerned with duplications or individuals holding multiple rooms who had not yet registered for the meeting." Here are some of the features meeting planners will now be able to enjoy across all their events using the new portal: - Online hotel booking at any hotel: Meeting planners now have the ability to offer attendees the convenience of online hotel booking for any event, at any hotel, worldwide. - Centralized accommodation management (All-new): Meeting planners can track reservations and other critical information about all of their events in one central location. - Event Certificates (All-new): An event certificate summarizes an event’s actual performance history, including overall booking percentage, night-by-night booking and booking pace. It is available at the conclusion of any event in GroupMAX and can be instrumental for planners and hotels to reach mutually favorable terms for future events. - Preferred Venue Search (All-new): Planners can easily find hotels and destinations that offer Passkey’s full set of tools as part of their standard event offering, helping them narrow their search to the best hotels and destinations. - Planner hotel reviews (All-new): Planners can write a private hotel review (seen only by the host hotel) for hotels where their events were held and managed in Passkey. This provides both hotels and planners a valuable and credible review and feedback mechanism that is focused solely on the event experience. “Today’s meeting planners need tools that provide convenience and efficiency, as well as allow them to deliver more successful events,” states Greg Pesik, CEO and president of Passkey. “With the launch of our new planner portal, not only have we made it more convenient for planners to manage their hotel bookings across all events, but we are also introducing new innovative features such as event certificates and hotel reviews which promise to make each event even better than the last.”