Developing a website that showcases accommodation in a way that helps make the right decision is a steep learning curve. But what is clear today, is that a firm offering accommodation online can’t afford to lose visitors owing to a hiccup in the site’s performance. In a recent interview with Accor, which has positioned its online experience as ‘Know what you are really booking when you book’, this was clearly highlighted. The group has focused on web and data analysis capabilities to improve usability on the group’s sites and has also worked to ensure that the booking funnel matches the customer’s needs. To achieve this required nothing fancy. Rather, it focused on making the booking experience quick, efficient and easy. Of course, every hotel group has its own battle to fight and there is no set pattern as preferences might vary by standardisation of service, type of accommodation and so on. Finding the ideal mix of content and technology is not easy. So while it may be common to rework the search functionality to feature as many options as possible during the booking stage, additional content options shouldn’t result in loading a new page. Get the full story at EyeForTravel