Looking to offer small e-commerce shops a wider range of options, online payment processor PayPal on Monday will announce Website Payments Pro. The new product suite will feature express checkout purchases, offer an application programming interface (API) for implementing PayPal services, and support for phone, fax and mail orders.

The first leg of the three-legged announcement from the eBay subsidiary is Express Checkout. Stephanie Tilenius vice president, merchant services, said the new service is designed to streamline the buying process. "Three clicks and you're out, she said.

Using Express Checkout, Tilenius said, buyers never have to enter financial or personal information (which is stored with PayPal and sent to the merchant's site). Tilenius said that Express Checkout is good for buyers because the checkout is fast and they don't have to be concerned over being asked to enter personal data. It's also good for buyers, she said, because the sales conversion process is quick. That is, buyers have fewer opportunities to change their minds.

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