Despite the proliferation of high-speed Internet connections in US homes, a new survey from CyberSource shows that most e-commerce shopping happens during work hours.

CyberSource found that the peak shopping hour on a recent high-volume week (December 3 through December 9, during the critical online holiday shopping season) was 1 pm Pacific time (4 pm Eastern time) - work hours by anyone's definition.

On the other hand, online transactions hit their low point between the hours of 11 pm and 4 am Pacific time (2 am and 7 am Eastern time). After that, as employees began going in to work on the East Coast and then across the nation, shopping volumes also began climbing to their midday peak.

The survey found a marked difference between workdays and weekends, too. The highest-volume online shopping days were Monday and Tuesday, while Saturday and Sunday had the lowest volumes.

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