But does the new peer-to-peer landscape truly impact or count as a threat against hotel demand? Sources said no. “Does that show up on the hotel guy’s radar at all? I don’t think so,” said Mark Eble, VP of PKF Consulting’s Midwest practice. Companies such as Airbnb might find their way into headlines for their innovative booking platforms or questions of legality, but they still occupy only a fraction of total hotel supply, he said. Airbnb finished 2012 with more than 300,000 individual listings across the globe, for instance. There are nearly four times as many hotel rooms in the South Atlantic region of the United States alone. “There may be some incremental leakages, but we don’t see it as being anything really substantial,” said Douglas Quinby, who analyzes such peer-to-peer networks as principal analyst of PhoCusWright. Get the full story at HotelNewsNow.com