Pegasus Solutions has announced upgrades to its central reservation system (CRS) solutions that give users easier access to information and provide them with better rate management capabilities and more control over inventory distribution.

"Our CRS solutions continue to lead the industry in functionality, flexibility and reliability," said Dennis Law, senior vice president of product management. "The recently delivered enhancements are part of an ongoing program that improves efficiency, ease of use and allows for a robust and cost effective CRS solution for our customers."

The upgrades include new functionality that will help hotels locate reservation details more easily, improve the security of credit card details in reservation transactions, give voice reservation agents access to pictures of hotel rooms and increase the flexibility and control of information returned in seamless booking transactions.

In addition, updates to HotelFactory(TM) extend the platform's capabilities to support bookings guaranteed to an IATA number and to support rate definitions indexed to other rates.

Pegasus' CRS services are appropriate for smaller chains and hotel groups as well as mid- to large-size chains and are cost-effective options for companies that neither have, nor want, the resources and overhead associated with developing, implementing and maintaining a CRS infrastructure in house.

RezView and HotelFactory are used by more than 11,000 hotel properties around the world for centralized distribution channel management as well as Web-based rate and inventory management. They provide seamless access to real-time room rates and availability from all the global distribution systems (GDSs) and more than 1,000 online distributors.