Pegasus Solutions introduces several new services for its hotel customers, that will improve the way hotels market and distribute their properties on their own website.

Pegasus now offers an eConcierge capability that enables hotels to offer their guests additional services online - such as golf, spa treatments or car service - at the time the guest is booking the hotel room. Guests benefit by being able to select services that will enhance their stay and knowing that these services will be available prior to their arrival. Hotels benefit by being able to better market their ancillary services, creating an experience for the guest, and ultimately generating additional revenue. The eConcierge capability is delivered through Pegasus' relationship with Open Hospitality, a New-York based company that provides integrated Web site design and management, plus online strategies and marketing.

Through Open Hospitality, Pegasus also offers new language capabilities for hotel Web sites. Seven languages are now available: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish, with the ability to add additional languages within 48 hours. When online visitors select a language, the entire booking process is translated. Rates and fees are automatically converted to the currency(s) that correspond to the selected language. Multilingual capabilities ensure that consumers and travel agents get accurate information about the room(s) they are booking, and enable hotels to expand their global reach.

Additionally, Pegasus recently released new features and capabilities for its NetBooker Internet booking engine. These include optional credit card validation through VeriSign, new tools to match the look and feel of the booking engine to the rest of their Web site, improved booking process navigation and new reports that describe transactions and page hits. Through these and other upcoming enhancements, Pegasus delivers on its commitment to provide industry-leading booking engine solutions.

Warwick International Hotels uses the NetBooker engine for its Web site, including the micro-sites for many of their hotels and resorts in its collection of more than 35 world-class hotels. "By using the NetBooker engine, we have given our guests a robust experience online," Alan Gonzalez, director of distribution and reservations management for Warwick. "The NetBooker engine matches the look and feel of the rest of our site, and our professional hoteliers around the world have praised its contribution to Warwick's online presence. Including the implementation of NetBooker4, online bookings increased in 2005 over 2004 by 73 percent."

"A Web site is the hotel's new front desk," said Dennis Law, Pegasus' senior vice president of product management and strategy. "Hoteliers want their guests and potential guests to have a positive experience online that corresponds to the positive experience they'll have when they arrive at the property. With these new Web services and capabilities, hoteliers can give consumers the features and tools they have come to expect online."