Pegasus Solutions, Inc. announced its intention to improve the integration of its central reservation system (CRS) to the wide range of property management systems (PMSs) used by hotels. A new interface methodology was introduced and new interfaces were announced with Multi-Systems, Inc. Pegasus' existing interface with MSI's WinPM system will be enhanced with full two-way capabilities, and MSI will assist Pegasus in developing an additional interface for the RezView CRS that will be compliant with Open Travel Alliance (OTA) specifications. Dallas-based Pegasus Solutions is a global leader in providing technology and services to hotels and travel distributors.

As part of its new strategy, Pegasus is creating a "PMS hub," in which the Pegasus CRS will operate in a one-to-many mode. This method will allow the information in the PMS and CRS to be cross-referenced for each system and exchanged in both directions. Pegasus already supports more than 20 interfaces to the RezView CRS for a number of leading vendors' PMSs.

Pegasus selected MSI to develop the new interfaces. The enhanced interface to MSI's WinPM system will include new features such as rate updates, which enable customers to make changes that are automatically updated in the other system, and client file data transfer, which lets PMSs exchange information seamlessly with the CRS.

"We are combining MSI's expertise in CRS/PMS integration with Pegasus' strength in providing central reservation services to customers," said Mark Houser, chief information officer for MSI. "This interface will offer the widest range of functionality and integration available today."

The OTA interface will enable third-party systems that have adopted the OTA standards to have easier access to the RezView system. With more interfaces available, more hotel chain customers can choose Pegasus' CRS because the CRS will be able to interface with the PMSs used by a hotel chain's properties.

"In the one-to-many mode of our PMS hub methodology, we will improve the efficiency, stability and data integration of a multitude of property management systems and our CRS," said Dennis Law, senior vice president of product management for Pegasus. "Through the agreement with MSI to develop completely integrated interfaces, we will offer hotels a solution that allows flexible control and management of rates and availability in real time. By developing these integrated interfaces with MSI for its WinPM product and for OTA compliance, Pegasus will be able to offer a world-class enterprise solution that will meet the needs of the hotel."