In a recent BTN interview, Pegasus' John Davis revealed several plans for 2005.

Pegasus plans to launch a new consumer website, Hotel Book, dedicated to independent hotels. John Davis commented: “The site will compete with the websites of the major hotel chains, such as, and Those sites are grabbing 80% of the Internet bookings in the US. The independent hotels don’t have that opportunity so we are going to create it for them”. He added:“ is primarily pushing the chains and the relationships they have with them. The independents might be on page 52 – you can’t ever find them! Hotel Book will give the independent hotels a chance to market themselves to the consumer directly”.

In addition, Pegasus are planning to launch a new central reservation system which will combine the Unirez service for hotels and the Utell reservation system, enabling hoteliers to control their own data. John commented: “With the new system we are going to allow the hotelier to take control of their own information and the way they want to promote themselves rather than having us do it”.

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