Julie Parodi, senior director of strategic planning for Pegasus and editor of The Pegasus View, said advanced corporate bookings in August grew by 10.2% over the prior year, a step up from July’s 5.8% year-over-year growth. In North America, corporate bookings grew year-over-year by 6.7%, compared to 2.7% in July. Globally, average daily rate has been growing much more steadily, Parodi said, with rates for advanced bookings up 4.7% in August year-over-year, and 5.7% in North America. “While the markets were swinging in a seesaw, we saw both corporate and leisure bookings pick up in August,” she said. “Strong rate growth is definitely nice to see. It’s a reflection that there is still a lot of demand out there and that hoteliers aren’t getting nervous like the stock markets.” Get the full story at HotelNewsNow.com