Pegasus Solutions and Net Trans have entered into a new agreement designed to enhance commission processing for travel agents, travel management groups and online providers. With this relationship, Pegasus and Net Trans set a new standard for hotel commission handling with the technology to deliver an end-to-end automated commission process designed to increase the speed of reconciling payments, facilitate automated banking functions and enhance customer satisfaction.

Net Trans, a provider of commission handling services, currently serves more than 5,000 travel agent locations in more than 70 countries. Pegasus will play a vital role in improving Net Trans' current reconciliation service by centralizing payments and simplifying the overall process for the company's travel agencies. Pegasus, a provider of commission processing to more than 40,000 properties, will receive an incremental boost in the amount of agencies it serves under the new agreement with Net Trans.

"The relationship with Net Trans not only benefits the company and its agencies through automating the commission process, but it greatly benefits hotels as well," said Mark S. Dubrow, Pegasus Solutions president, financial services. "Hotels are often inundated with the paperwork, banking costs and administrative responsibilities that come with reconciling commissions and by leveraging Pegasus' technological capabilities and expertise in financial services, participating hotels and agencies alike will experience a seamless commission process."

The hotel commission process for hotels and travel agents worldwide is simplified dramatically by leveraging Pegasus and Net Trans' proven technology and extensive industry experience. The relationship between Pegasus and Net Trans will improve the quality of data transferred from travel agents to hotels allowing for a more efficient flow of payments and query resolution. This will also enable agents and hotels to import critical data used to manage their business.

"We are extremely pleased to enter into this deal with Pegasus," said Martin Jorgensen Net Trans chief executive officer. "Net Trans is continually looking for methods to better serve our customers and this relationship with Pegasus is a perfect match. By combining our efforts to streamline the commission process, this relationship will serve to benefit the entire travel industry."

Pegasus provides commission processing for nearly every major hotel brand and a majority of the world's travel agents and distributors. Its global reach will also allow for delivery of funds to Net Trans' customers to be in their preferred currency and bank accounts in countries around the world.