Pegasus Solutions has seen a dramatic response from hotel clients leveraging the Pegasus Academy, its new approach to client learning. Evolving the idea of "client support", the Pegasus Academy removes passive reliance on access to support staff, instead delivering immediate answers tailored to the busy hotelier and active media consumer. "If I'm a hotelier in Singapore updating my rates in the middle of the night and have a question, the last thing I want to do is complete a form and wait for an answer by phone or email from someone halfway around the world. Instead, I'm going to try and solve the problem on my own or just move on," said Rainer Gruber, senior vice president, client services for Pegasus Solutions. "Powerful tools like Google and YouTube have empowered us to answer virtually anything, while 'client support' has seemingly lagged behind with the 'submit and wait' phenomenon. Pegasus has adjusted our entire manner of training and support to address two things: the frenetic pace at a hotel, and the resulting need for immediate, clear and exact answers to specific questions – hence the Pegasus Academy." Recognizing the change in client availability and reception to training and support, Pegasus began examining how best to serve its hotel clients 15 months ago. The new approach, dubbed Client Learning, moves to more modular, bite-sized pieces of information to make sure clients understand solutions and how best to optimize them on their own terms. "The Pegasus Academy answers very particular questions in a four- to five-minute video that can be viewed on any device – desktop or mobile," added Ges Doran, senior vice president and managing director, client services for Pegasus Solutions. "Our growing library already includes 15 presentations that feature clear narration with screenshots and on-screen explanations so that hotelier in Singapore – or anywhere for that matter – working in the middle of the night can answer his question easily and move on." The Pegasus Academy is available to all existing Pegasus Connect+ clients through the dedicated interactive client portal at