Pegasus Solutions is expanding its business intelligence offering for hotels worldwide with development of the next generation of PegasusView Market Performance Analytics. Leveraging data derived from the only global hotel booking switch, which is owned by Pegasus, the new Market Performance Analytics tools will provide useable market reports drawn from billions of global hotel transactions that totaled $14 billion in 2013 alone. "Pegasus is uniquely positioned as the only company that provides global industry data drawn from both the global distribution systems and online channels on both a historical and forward-looking basis," said Linda Kent, senior vice president, distribution strategy for Pegasus Solutions. "With the highest volume of electronic hotel transactions across the greatest number of hotels worldwide, Pegasus will deliver the industry's most robust view of market performance. Hotels that use this information will be able to immediately react to changing conditions to optimize rates and availability for the greatest revenue returns." Analytics will be available to independent hotels and groups with customized reporting solutions offered for larger groups and brands. The significantly expanded scope of the new Market Performance Analytics will provide more in-depth views of market data and offer actionable measures not otherwise regularly reported on in the industry. "Understanding past and future market conditions – in cities of traveler origin and destination – will help hotels adjust to and seize demand," said David Millili, chief executive officer of Pegasus Solutions. "The new reporting capabilities we're introducing in the third quarter of 2014 will arm hoteliers with practical knowledge of both global and regional trends like channel performance, reservation volumes, rate growth, and stays on a level unavailable before now." Pegasus' new Market Performance Analytics will be available to hotels and groups on a subscription basis. Related Link: Pegasus Solutions