Pegasus Solutions, Inc. announced that customers for the Utell by Pegasus and Unirez by Pegasus hotel representation services will get free access to extra value-added services. The offer is part of the company's focus on making Internet distribution easier for independent hotels and on helping them increase their revenue and ADR (average daily room-rate). Dallas-based Pegasus is a global leader in providing technology and services to hotels and travel distributors.

The offer includes free access to the Pegasus' RateChecker(TM) service for one year and no set-up fee for the Pegasus Internet Booking Engine (IBE). RateChecker allows hotels to monitor and compare competitors' rates online, while the Pegasus NetBookerLink(TM) IBE allows a hotel to receive bookings online from its own Web site and manage its rates through the central reservation system.

Gideon Dean, senior vice president of sales for Pegasus, says, "Our Internet services, combined with our competitive pricing, our wide variety of distribution partners and our demand generation activities, demonstrate Pegasus' commitment to giving customers easier access to the kind of services they need to compete in today's increasingly competitive online business environment."

Dean noted that a recent study by Jupiter Research said that online travel bookings in the U.S. grew by 25 percent over the past year and that consumers are booking more than half of their travel this year directly on supplier Web sites. "Worldwide, the growth is even greater," he said citing PhoCusWright data that shows international gross bookings for online travel agencies increasing by 115 percent so far this year.

"By providing accessible and cost-effective ways to reach potential guests, no matter where they are, we are arming our hotel customers with what they need to compete as well as actually increase their ADR and overall revenue," he added.