And so by the time you realize that all hope is lost and that you’re going to miss your first flight, your connection, your dinner meeting and probably your hotel reservation, your provider has already sent you a revised schedule. No need to make a call, no need to queue, you push “Accept” and you‘re back on track with at least some of the stress removed. That is surely a personalised travel service that a great many will recognize the value of, probably even enough to pay a few bucks more. And that’s just one of the countless possibilities opened up by an intelligent and dynamic global travel ecosystem designed to deliver a richer, personalized experience. The “intelligent” element will be key to making the travel ecosystem deliver for the traveller: a system understands requirements, preferences and habits enabling the dynamic delivery of the offer or service in the right way at the right time. A combination of loyalty, history and other miscellaneous data can be a powerful combination for a travel service trying to deliver the right merchandising opportunity. Get the full story at the Amadeus blog