Let’s start with a scenario: Ms. World Traveler receives an invitation – on her Blackberry, cell phone, maybe by email – that could have come from a close friend. The invitation encourages her to try a resort that seems to have read her mind – that knows exactly what she likes most, that has everything she’s been looking for in a luxurious weekend escape.

Or, perhaps while browsing through her favorite luxury boutique she passes by a large screen that says "Hello!" A handsome man onscreen invites her to find out more about the hotel behind him by touching images around him. She explores the spa, the restaurants, the swimming pool, the sumptuous suite accommodations.

Convinced, she makes a reservation online. Upon arrival there is no check-in: she is greeted by name and presented with a card. The elevator knows which floor to take her, her door unlocks as she approaches and the room is everything she imagined it would be, including her personal favorites in the mini-bar and bath. The flat screen television welcomes her with suggestions for dining and some special offers to her liking at the boutique downstairs. Later, as she enters the dining room, she is greeted by name and a server makes suggestions of dishes and wines she can’t resist. And so it goes, throughout the stay: Ms. World Traveler is close to believing that this fabulous resort was built just for her.

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