Travel industry research authority PhoCusWright today unveiled the theme for its signature event, The PhoCusWright Conference, to be held November 11-13, 2014, in Los Angeles, CA USA. The conference annually attracts over 1,500 senior executives, media and investors from 35+ countries worldwide to advance innovation and technology across the global travel, tourism and hospitality industry. Disruption cycles are hitting the travel industry with unprecedented frequency. Innovative technologies and business models are forging new markets and fueling sudden successes. In a marketplace where no one is safe, long-held beliefs can turn into liabilities. Size and incumbency are no longer guarantors of longevity. New entrants upend, then become the upended. "Disruption's Curve heralds the unexpected, celebrates the unseen, and challenges the global travel, tourism and hospitality industry to plot the unplottable," says Tony D'Astolfo, managing director, PhoCusWright. "While the worn-out phrase urges us to 'think outside the box,' to win outside it may be necessary to break the box entirely." This year's PhoCusWright Conference is an invitation to contemplate how these impetuous agents serve Disruption's Curve: 1. Confidence With the recession in retreat and travelers ready to venture out with wallets in hand, it's easy to be confident – especially when the numbers look good and projections are reasonable. The Curve doesn't care. There's no room for complacency. With risk comes your reward. 2. Speed Cycles are shortening, explosive uptake enthrones new ideas and upstart disruptors rapidly steal share. There is no "wait and see." Travel companies that insist patience is a virtue could ride the all-too-quick Curve from off the charts to bottom of the list. 3. Invisibility The Curve's unseen turns are the least expected and the most exciting. Beautiful design has the power to delight, but the best innovations may be the ones you don't see. Invisible technology takes ease of use to a new level. Travelers can focus less on the tech, and more on the trek. Everything. Just. Works. 4. Delight Ease is essential, but not nearly enough to enthrall. The course of the Curve can change on any dime – especially one beautifully designed. Everyone loves a great time. Let's make travel planning more about fun and less about function. 5. Indifference The Curve doesn't care if you're royalty, rookie or rogue. Today's consumers may be smitten with the latest app, but their allegiances are ever-roaming. Seductive new services and features beckon. True brand loyalty is hard won. And it must be earned again and again. Disruption's Curve pays no mind to leading players or market maturity – only overlooked problems and big opportunity. It will neither beckon nor call. So how will you know? Which way will it trend? Where are you on Disruption's Curve? Related Link: PhoCusWright