One effective strategy calls for offering customers a valuable set of listing choices rather than just list by price. Like selecting a hotel by location, features, reviews and the likes. To illustrate the effectiveness of this strategy, the company’s Senior Vice President and Head of Retail, Gary Marrison, presented some insights from a test Expedia did with a travel product that is not particularly known for its differentiation factor: flight bookings. Expedia included information about the whole flight product like aircraft type, food, power, WiFi, seat pitch and entertainment within its flight listings. And it further refined it with five million flight reviews it collected over the course of a few month last year (customers received a message after they landed with a request to rate and review their experience). Once Expedia integrated all that information into their flight product listing, it found that customers who engaged with new listing information were more than twice likely to purchase the flight. Everything in real-time Another powerful set of service options that Expedia is embracing is making its vast amounts of data available in real-time, both for suppliers and travelers. Hoteliers for example, can select their hotel competitive set within Expedia’s Supplier Market Place and compare and manage rates in real-time. Similarly real-time hotel reviews empowers hotels to learn about product or service deficiencies and act upon them while guests are still on property. And travelers may receive real-time notifications from Expedia with help information while traveling - like flight delays, weather conditions, and itinerary suggestions. On personalisation When it comes to the industry buzz word personalisation, Expedia says we’re still at the very beginning of an extremly long journey on how customers engage with pages so the next time they come those pages are just a tiny little bit more relevant. To Expedia, personalisation is all about machine learning. The company employs over 700 data scientists and analysts tasked to make the site more relevant for users with every single click. Any B2B hotel tech plans like According to Gary Marrison, Expedia currently has no publicly stated view on whether it will enter the hotel B2B tech market like Priceline did with’s BookingSuite. However, the company is trying to figure out, what kind of services and information hotels need to better reach consumers. So yes, there is more to come eventually.