Yes they do, agrees a panel with representatives from BookAssist, TravelClick, Worldhotels and TripAdvisor. However, today there are simply too many options available for hoteliers to grasp. The result is that many hotels find themselves in decision paralysis or wishing for the one miracle solution that solves all their challenges. But for Des 0’Mahony, Founder and CEO of BookAssist, is not only about tools. He urges hotels to primarily focus on strategy, and then select the tools needed to accomplish them. Another point of pain is make time available in a hotels daily operation to use all these tools. Managing their content on different platforms in different languages has become a major challenge for independent hotels, according to the panel. Yet, with all these technologies available, independent hotels are more than just technology. Travelers are looking for experiences. And experiences are not virtual. While Amazon can take their entire experience online, hotels cannot. There is a clear disconnect, and hotels have to make sure that the experience remains center stage, says Kristin Intress from Worldhotels. And what about OTAs and rate-parity? All panel participants agreed, that the latest rate-parity enforcement by the European Commission is more about OTAs than hotels. As long as OTAs demand rate-parity from hotels on their own hotel website, the new laws will change nothing, and hotels will remain without full control of their distribution.