But the real challenge for meta search is mobile, according the a panel with representatives from meta search players Skyscanner, TravelSupermarket, minube and HotelsCombined. In a mobile world with its connectivity issues, meta search engines have to get transactional. But other than OTAs, meta search engines have to make it clear in the transaction process that they are just the facilitator of the transaction and everything that comes with the transaction is serviced by the supplier. The panel also agreed, that mobile in the meta space is not only about the transaction but also creating value. One key challenge is to be able to follow users across devices to better serve them, which today is tricky to achieve, according to HotelsCombined. And what about the disappearance of hotel rate-parity? As one would expect, all meta search representatives on the panel agreed, that a world without rate-parity will benefit not only consumers, but also meta search engines. Finally they are able to deliver data in the way it was meant to be.