Consumers no longer have to research (pull) online to find the products/services they’re looking for. Companies like Netflix, Amazon or Spotify recommend the right products/services to consumers based on data they collect about them. The travel vertical is lacking behind and has yet to embrace personalisation. So why is it so difficult to find the next Netflix in travel? Phocuswright suggests the following reasons: - Travelers only take 3.4 trips per year (UK). That’s not many opportunities to collect data. - Only 19% of travelers travel alone. Travel is inherently social, which makes personalisation really difficult. - The same travelers are often different people (on business, with family). And destinations and accommodations selections change based on those roles. - And once travelers arrive at a destinations, those roles have an even higher impact on what we do when it comes to activities and entertainment. Simply put, travel is much more complex than Netflix. After all, how difficult is it to suggest someone Shrek 2 who just watched Shrek 1.