According to Phocuswright, the global travel activities market has the potential to be worth €138 billion by 2021 and smart technology solutions will have a huge part to play in that growth, especially through in-destination. The activities theme was highlighted again during our own bleisure workshop, where we discussed the opportunities for destinations to market these products to business travelers at their destination, as our research found that they are far less likely to book these in advance. Digital assistants are shaking up travel Digital assistants were mentioned in several sessions during the two-day event. Mark Blutstein, Research Analyst at Phocuswright, revealed that as adoption of these devices increases, their influence on the travel sector will become more and more prominent. According to Blutstein, digital assistants such as Alexa and Google Voice are now used by 37% of European travellers for a range of requests, most commonly searching for hotels, searching for flights and requesting location information. This will eventually change the way we interact with travel technology, moving us toward more natural, conversation-based systems. Get the full story at Expedia Media Solutions