Always a challenge, hoteliers are looking at emerging trends that take the hotel experience into sometimes unchartered territories as brands attempt to satisfy the increasingly savvy traveler.

Now that the bed wars have essentially ended in a draw, there are other areas in which brands are battling for the heart and soul of the guests. These categories include health and wellness, technological offerings and bathroom amenities. But learning the difference between what guests really need and what they say they need can be a vexing endeavor.

According to Fred Lawlor, VP Purchasing with Fairmont Hotels & resort, the typical guest is indeed becoming much savvier. And at Fairmont, the company is seeking to differentiate itself through its food offerings. ?People are more keenly interested in health and wellness. They are more refined and educated, so we are offering fresh organic ingredients that are locally sourced,? said Lawlor. By sourcing fresher food locally, the company is also touching on another of its strategies, going green.

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