The study, from agile software development specialists, Black Pepper Software, indicates that nearly two thirds (60%) of UK consumers now research and buy their holidays and breaks away online. However, travel companies’ current online offerings may not be sufficiently meeting the needs of connected shoppers, with 47% of UK customers complaining of slow webpage loading times and 41% agreeing that ecommerce sites had overly complex check-out processes. As consumers holiday buying journeys increasingly move online – just 4% of UK shoppers will now solely use High Street travel agents to book their breaks – 39% of consumers say they prefer to find out information about their holiday independently online. Only one in ten (10%) of holiday shoppers will have an in-depth conversation with a sales person when making their travel buying decisions, however, the report showed an increasing trend in consumers depending on online reviews and other digital functions, such as chatbots, when making their holiday choices. With the continuing popularity of review sites, such as TripAdvisor, a third (29%) of holiday shoppers said they would trust online reviews left by other customers over recommendations made by sales people, while 10% would happily use online chat functions or virtual assistants to help them with their booking decisions. Get the full story at Netimperative