Can Pay-Per-Click advertising be used to build brands? The answer is a resounding ‘yes.’ A PPC campaign has the power to improve the visibility and perception of a brand. It reassures potential customers, engenders trust, and most importantly, can keep a brand front of mind at a critical stage in the buying process.

There are several online branding strategies that advertisers can employ to leverage PPC as a branding tool. Here are three key areas.

1. Reinforce Integrated Campaigns: Keep in mind that integration goes beyond creative and into planning. In order to reinforce integrated campaigns, advertisers need to amplify existing straplines and maximize available budgets to prevent channels working in isolation. For example, if using a specific brand tagline within a print campaign, incorporate that tagline in your PPC listing as well.

2. Position The Brand Alongside Competition: Marketers must ask “What’s the risk of my brand of not being listed?” Market leaders should use search to ‘own’ categories and non-marker leaders should use search to punch above their weight in branding terms. After all, it is one of the most cost-effective advertising mediums. Brand loyalties can be severed easily via this online medium. Therefore, be aware of the web’s immediacy. Competitors are just ‘one click away.’

3. Protect The Brand’s Equity Online: To protect brand equity online ‘own’ the brand across every touch point. Protect the equity established through offline media and control how the brand is interpreted online. For example, what is the message to take-away from the user experience? Work hard to achieve its consistency across all ad channels.

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