Can you remember the days when your hotel’s social media marketing was so simple, when you didn’t have to pay Facebook to have your posts seen by your organic followers? And when “tweeting” meant that everyone who followed you on Twitter would see your posts in their Twitter streams? Those were the good ole days, indeed. Well, brace yourself and get ready to dig deep… real deep into your marketing coffers. Those days are gone, and they’re not coming back. It was inevitable that Facebook and Twitter would have to someday become profitable, and now that both are publically traded companies, the free marketing opportunities your hotel once enjoyed are gone forever. But there’s an even stronger social media undercurrent beginning to play out for hotels and resorts. I call this emergence Social Media 2.0. What we have come to know as social media marketing is now morphing into social media customer service, also known as social media customer care. I predict 2017 will be breakout year where the hospitality industry will be forced into investing in technology, infrastructure and personnel to effectively manage the progression of social media customer service as demanded by customers. Get the full story at Hotel Online