IDeaS Revenue Optimization has been admitted as a member of the Preferred Vendor Program of the Preferred Hotel Group.

?As the most widely distributed and deployed revenue optimization solution in the world, we were delighted to be selected as a Preferred Partner? said Joseph Martino, Senior Vice President for IDeaS. ?The importance of the Preferred Vendor Program designation is apparent to anyone familiar with the luxury hotel market. Our inclusion as the first revenue optimization solution speaks to the value we have already brought to many Preferred Hotels around the world that have deployed our products.?

?We are excited about the opportunity to be able to work closely with IDeaS to provide our members special access to the premier provider of revenue optimization solutions, as well as for their vast experience in the education of revenue optimization? said Deena Kaufman, Senior Vice President of Revenue and Distribution Management for Preferred Hotel Group.

Preferred Hotel Group is a global leader in the hospitality industry that delivers high-performance sales, marketing, and technology solutions to approx. 400 independent hotels and resorts in more than 60 countries around the world.

As a member of the Preferred Members program, IDeaS Revenue Optimization Solutions are promoted to members who want to maintain a leading position as providers of the highest guest service levels but also wish to maximize their return on investment to owners and shareholders.

Several of Preferred Hotel Group Members are already using IDeaS Revenue Optimization. Preferred Hotel members who are IDeaS clients include: The Peninsula Chicago, The Broadmoor, The Balboa Bay Club & Resort, Ch?teau ?lan Winery & Resort, Keystone Lodge, Royal Garden Hotel London, Athens Imperial, and Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo to name a few.

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