, a leading online comparison shopping service, launched PriceGrabber Travel, where travelers can compare air and hotel options from dozens of partner travel sites around the Web, including respected companies such as British Airways, JetBlue Airways and InterContinental Hotels Group. Along with an improved look and feel, PriceGrabber offers unique information, such as FlightStats comparative on-time flight ratings, to help travelers make the best travel purchase decision.

Travelers routinely search numerous websites to find the best options. PriceGrabber Travel aims to help overwhelmed travelers by bringing information together in one location to eliminate the need to search multiple sites. After entering city and date information, PriceGrabber Travel displays available fares and rates for thousands of flights and hotels from many different sites. PriceGrabber Travel is the first travel search site that displays multiple sellers for each flight and hotel, so travelers can compare fares and rates for many sites all in one place.

PriceGrabber Travel offers a user friendly display that enables travelers to take control of their travel search. Once the results are displayed, travelers can choose from a variety of sorting options including price, flight times, hotel name, and more. In addition, there are extensive filters which allow travelers to quickly find the results they want. A wealth of information from hotel amenities to in-flight entertainment options are available either alone or as part of PriceGrabber's helpful side-by-side comparison.

"PriceGrabber Travel helps travelers save time and money by finding the best options for both air travel and hotels," said Kamran Pourzanjani, President and CEO of "Frequent travelers and occasional travelers alike will benefit from the wealth of information and easy-to-use layout."

As part of its goal to bring the traveler the most useful information in travel planning, PriceGrabber Travel has become the first site to offer FlightStats on-time ratings as part of its travel search. FlightStats ratings give a ranking of each flight's performance relative to other flight alternatives. The rating is statistically derived from on-time percentage, average delay, and the number of flights operated in the past 60 days to give an accurate measure of on-time performance for every flight. "All flights do not perform equally," said Jeff Kennedy, CEO of Conducive Technology, maker of FlightStats. "By delivering comparative FlightStats ratings with flight and price options, PriceGrabber offers a uniquely informed travel shopping experience."

PriceGrabber provides comparative shopping information on millions of products that include necessary travel items such as luggage, apparel and travel gadgets. The addition of PriceGrabber Travel truly makes PriceGrabber a valuable tool for any consumer.

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