looked at hotel bookings made on mobile devices by thousands of college students between the spring break period of February 21 and April 5, 2015 and found that more than half (56%) booked their hotel rooms on the same day they checked in. In contrast, only a handful (3%) of college students who booked with a mobile device booked hotel rooms a week or more in advance. College students are taking shorter trips, too, as almost all who booked on a mobile device (90%) booked a long or regular weekend getaway in 2015 rather than a full week. "Travelers broadly, and college students in particular, can afford to be very picky with their spring break choices," said Brett Keller, Chief Operating Officer at "We've seen the impact of today's mobile culture on travel first-hand and it has empowered customers to take the trips that matter to them. Students wait until the last minute to study the prices, the weather, and trending locations. This group is tapped into social media to get the best experiences and offers them the deals that make spring break great, without breaking the bank." Once the spring break destination is determined, college students booking on mobile keep their budgets and expenses in check. Nearly half (43%) of students spent less than $100 on their hotel rooms during the spring break time frame in 2015, while 40 percent spent between $100 and $200, and only four percent of students spent more than $500. Also, college students (26%) booked three-star hotels more than any other star level, and only about one percent booked five-star hotels. Get the full story at Priceline