The Stamford, Conn., based online ticketing and reservation empire bought small Israeli startup Qlika for about $3 million in cash, a Priceline source confirmed to VentureBeat Monday. Qlika is a six-employee “micro-location” ad campaign startup. Its platform helps marketing strategists target ad campaigns in smaller markets. Qlika’s six employees will now be absorbed into the Priceline Group family of growing online properties. The deal shows how executives are increasingly looking to monetize the mobile advertising space by figuring ways of holding the interest of mobile users looking into the screens of smart phones, tablets, and wearables. Specifically, Qlika’s team will be used to support Priceline’s Agoda website, a discount booking travel property focused on the growing Asian market. Priceline purchased the Singapore-based site in 2007. Get the full story at VentureBeat