The truth is that many, if not most, executives are workaholics with little time for recreational activities outside of work and family. And while it would be nice if every marriage worked out, that’s simply not the case. As a practical matter, how in the world is a hard-working business leader supposed to meet the future Mr. or Mrs. if not at the office? In my experience over several decades in the corporate world, that’s the reality of the situation. And sometimes, those relationships work out long term. Where a lot of executives get into trouble is in the cover-up phase. When they’re trying to hide their activities and cover their tracks – as much for personal as for professional reasons – they sometimes breach other standards of conduct that make it difficult for their boards to trust them, going forward. Get the full stoy at Fox Business Read also "Priceline's ousted CEO and the 1 person you shouldn't date in the office" at, and "Here’s the real fallout from the Priceline sex scandal" at Fortune