The employee was not under Huston's direct supervision, Priceline said. But a company investigation found the relationship still violated Priceline's code of conduct. Huston "acknowledged" the relationship and "expressed regret," Priceline said. It declined to provide more details about the relationship. Jeffery Boyd, who led the company from 2002 to 2013, will replace Huston as interim CEO while Price-line looks for a new leader. Huston also resigned as CEO of, the group's largest unit. "This resignation was not related in any way to the company's operational performance or financial condition," Leslie Cafferty, a spokeswoman for Priceline, said in an email. There were no issues related to accounting or financial reporting, she said. Get the full story at Bloomberg News Read also "Darren Huston's Resignation From Priceline Is A 'Huge Loss'" at Benzinga and "Priceline CEO's resignation could be a buying opportunity" at The Street, and "Priceline’s former CEO did something naughty enough to not get severance" at MarketWatch