HomeAway is the biggest competitor to Airbnb, the platform with a buzz ever since it was created back in 2008, but more so in the past two or three years as it went global. Why would an OTA like Expedia invest in the world’s biggest vacation rental platform? Both Priceline and Expedia CEO were recently quoted saying they don’t fear Airbnb… but why not? After all, Airbnb raised $1.5 billion this summer through private funding, and is estimated to be worth $25-30 billion. No small affair when you think that the purchase of Starwood Hotels by Marriott, making it the biggest hotel company in the world, was a $22 billion transaction! In fact, we are starting to see partnerships between hotel chains and collaborative sites, such as the example of OneFineStay and Hyatt in the United Kingdom. It will be interesting to see how Expedia will integrate HomeAway in its business model and, more interestingly, how Airbnb will evolve towards a more integrated OTA-like approach in the year to come. As for Booking.com, industry experts noticed how a recent release boasted its 21 million bookable rooms, compared to Airbnb’s 2 million rooms listed on its site. Clearly, there is numbers game at play here, and it’s not just a “my house is bigger than yours” bravado, but rather demonstrating who has the most skin in the game for hotels and vacation rentals alike. So what can we expect from OTA in 2016 and beyond? We are already seeing plenty of movement from the last couple of weeks to see that things won’t stay stale for too long. Amazon came and went with its intention to become a player in the online travel distribution landscape. But perhaps the answer lies within how Tripadvisor and Google will play the game, forcing the duopoly into an uncomfortable foursome. Get the full story at Frederic Gonzalo