Jay Walker, the founder of Priceline.com, has raised US$50 million for Upside.com, a website that tries to find discounts for small business travelers by suggesting alternative travel routes and accommodation and bundling flights and hotels together. The financing values Upside at more than US$200 million and includes investments from marketing tech company Red Ventures and investment firm Leucadia National Corp. When travelers book on Upside, the company's algorithm offers six different combined flight and hotel options that ask the customer if they're OK leaving 30 minutes earlier or later, connecting through a different city, or staying at a hotel three blocks further away than they'd requested. If the traveler is fine with the change, Upside rewards them with a 10 per cent to 15 per cent discount and a gift card from retailers like Amazon.com Inc or Nike Inc. "You have these small different levels of flexibility," Mr Walker said in an interview. "Nobody has ever shown you the value of that flexibility." Online travel is all about finding the most efficient ways to push customers to specific booking sites or hotels. When Upside suggests an alternative, it's usually with a hotel they have a deal with, and that's how the startup makes money. Walker has agreements with 1,200 hotels, but he declined to say which brands. Get the full story at The Business Times Read also "Priceline founder launches new company aimed at business travelers"