“Our capabilities and scale in partner acquisition, customer experience, and efficient demand generation plus our large installed base of accommodations and loyal travelers give the Priceline Group a competitive moat that is deep and wide,” Huston said. [For Huston’s elaboration on these points, see excerpts from the Priceline Group’s fourth quarter earnings call February 17 at the bottom of this post.] If there were any doubts that Huston’s comments were at least in part an answer to some of Expedia’s gains, including Expedia’s 39 percent fourth quarter growth in room nights sold, although they were pumped up by acquisitions, then consider this Huston zinger: “Our customers made reservations for over 432 million room nights on Priceline Group platforms in 2015, over twice as many as our next biggest competitor,” Huston said. Get the full story at Skift Read also "Priceline grows vacation rental inventory and bookings" at Travel Weekly