announced the launch of Priceline Sponsored Listings to give hotels the power to bid in real-time to reach key consumers at the point of purchase. Powered by HookLogic, the global leader in commerce search advertising, the new auction-based pay-per-click program empowers hotels to advertise to in-market travelers and measure the success of their campaigns instantly. Built on a real-time analytics platform, Priceline Sponsored Listings shows participating hotels exactly what it costs to fill each room. "With so many channels to reach potential consumers, we want to give hotels of all sizes and varying budgets an opportunity to identify key consumers, reach them with customized messages at the moment of purchase, and track results in real time," said Craig Schickler, Vice President of Partner Marketing at With Priceline Sponsored Listings, hotels can: - Bid for prime positioning in destination searches to increase exposure to key customers in hotel search results across - Pinpoint customers via multiple filtering options including demographics, dates of stay, length of stay and advance purchase windows - Access real time reporting metrics to adjust bid strategy mid-campaign - Customize messages and visuals for different consumer segments - Actively manage spend by setting daily, weekly or monthly budgets within the platform "We're excited about Priceline Sponsored Listings," said Lakota Forosisky, Area Director of Revenue Management at Hyatt Place Mystic. "It's a challenging hotel market in September and Priceline is truly answering the call. So far the program has exceeded our performance expectations." "Many customers buy from among the first few choices they see, yet it's difficult for hotels to influence where they show up in organic search results," adds Jonathan Opdyke, CEO of HookLogic. "Priceline Sponsored Listings creates a simple approach for hotels to win that incredibly valuable first-in-search position." Learn more about Priceline Sponsored Listings at Priceline