Priceline quickly recognized the importance of the international traveler and an international travel market that is expected to expand over the next few years. The U.S Commerce Department expects international travel to the U.S. to increase by approximately 4% before 2017. The fastest growth is expected to come from China, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, and Columbia. As travelers from these countries book more and more of their travel online, Priceline will be well positioned to profit from the trend. To this end, Priceline acquired to reach the European market and in Asia. Priceline boasts that it is available in 42 languages and in 201 countries. Overseas sales are, and are expected to continue to be, a major source of value for the company. Most recently, Priceline acquired hotel marketing startup Buuteeq. In addition to having a nearly unspellable moniker, Buuteeq provides a cloud-based marketing platform for mom and pop hotels to build and maintain user-friendly websites. The purchase of Buuteeq indicates Priceline's awareness of possible threats on the horizon. The alternative to using online reservation providers is to book directly with the hotel. Buuteeq builds direct access for these transactions. With Buuteeq, Priceline now has a hedge against a potential source of future competition. Get the full story at Nasdaq