Today, William Shatner, a.k.a. The Priceline Negotiator, officially launched his MySpace page. The page comes fully equipped with tons of fun information and goodies. Visitors can download ringtones, including The Negotiator?s signature line ? ?You?re so naughty!? They can insert their karate-chopping hero into personal photos (we won?t tell that you didn?t really meet him on vacation). Or, they can listen to The Negotiator as he riffs on a certain ceramic gnome.

And while you?re visiting The Negotiator at his new online digs, don?t forget to add him as your friend. If you do, you?re automatically entered in The Negotiator?s Sweepstakes, where first prize is airfare for two to the Caribbean and a 7-night stay at the Marriott Curacao Resort.

Earlier this year, kicked off The Negotiator advertising campaign where Mr. Shatner, camping it up in the persona of a 1960s-era spy movie hero, has attacked high travel prices, karate-chopping and kung-fu kicking his way to spectacular deals for customers. The campaign has resonated with the press and consumers. For two months in a row, Adweek Magazine said the commercials were among the best new spots appearing on TV. On sites like MySpace and YouTube, Negotiator fans began appearing, demonstrating their own deal-chopping karate moves.

?While The Negotiator has helped millions of customers save billions of dollars on their travel purchases, very few customers actually have had the chance to meet him,? said Chief Marketing Officer Brett Keller. ?MySpace is now the definitive forum for people to get to know The Negotiator, interact with him and make him part of their own social network.?

The Negotiator?s MySpace page contains lots of previously unreleased video and audio footage, bio information and, of course, the ability to become part of his network of friends. Features include:

- Negotiator ringtones. Choose from the Falcon of Truth screech, the distinctive Price Line ring, the Negotiator theme, or one of the signature Negotiator lines from his commercials.

- Backstage interviews. See Mr. Shatner in his Negotiator persona ?riff? on a variety of topics and demonstrate his kung-fu techniques.

- The Negotiator?s Favorites. Find out what The Negotiator likes to read (Donald Trump?s The Art of the Deal is a fave), watch (Deal Or No Deal, of course) and listen to (Pink Floyd?s Money).

- Put The Negotiator in your family photos. After all, the Negotiator got that great trip deal for you. Why not download his image and add it to your vacation photos?

- Interact with The Negotiator. Tell him about the best deal you?ve ever scored. Share photos of your favorite lawn ornament.

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