Priceline has been kicking it up into another gear over the past year, locking in acquisitions of OpenTable, Buuteeq, and HotelNinjas in a bid to improve the ultimate traveler experience. The company appears to be entering a new phase of growth, moving from simply connecting the world’s hotels to stepping into personalization and end-to-end customer experience management. It’s no longer sufficient to just serve inventory; the company sees its role more as a place that not only helps hospitality businesses access customers but also provide the tools to deliver the most memorable experiences possible. This then reinforces the Priceline brand, driving customer satisfaction and ultimately loyalty – a virtuous cycle that is not only profitable but ensures a consistent competitive advantage. It also differentiates the Priceline experience – for example, say a hotel stay booked on Priceline and supported by Buuteeq is then personalized with specific details for that guest. This makes the Priceline experience different from another OTA, and thus creates that demarcation in a consumer’s brain and further enhances the value proposition. Get the full story at Tnooz