“We see things like Alexa or Google Home, this idea of just talking out loud and getting what you want,” Fogel told Yahoo Finance in an interview this week at London’s annual technology conference Unbound. “And the question people ask is, will we be able to do travel like that? I think probably ‘yes.’ Over time, will people say, ‘I want to go to London,’ and the device will do everything, and you won’t have to do anything.” At Priceline, Fogel serves as head of worldwide strategy and planning, as well as oversees mergers, acquisitions, and strategic alliances. As Priceline continues the search for a permanent CEO, reports suggest Fogel may be next in line. The Harvard Law School graduate proved instrumental in the 2004 and 2005 acquisitions of Active Hotels and Bookings B.V., which became the popular accommodations booking site Booking.com — one of the largest drivers of Priceline’s annual revenues growth. Get the full story at Yahoo! Finance Read also "More on why voice will be big in travel"