Huston says the Priceline Group’s,, and Kayak have supplemented digital marketing with television advertising, where data metrics are less transparent. “It was a natural outcome in some ways because Google is having harder times growing as fast as we need to grow, so we’re sourcing demand from more and more varied places,” Huston says. On other topics, Huston says the Priceline team respects companies, such as Uber and Airbnb, that are in “high gear” and takes motivation from them; is in “constant discussions” with HomeAway about working together but “It just takes time and the bar that we’re holding out is that things [vacation rental bookings] need to be instantly confirmable, immediately bookable,” and is bullish about the Priceline Group’s entry into the digital marketing and technology side of the hotel business. On the OpenTable acquisition, Huston says the purpose wasn’t “to say we’re going to own all of travel” — as TripAdvisor is trying to do — but was very complementary with OpenTable was “built on B2B that needs B2C competencies. For Booking, we’re really B2C and we’re building out B2B competencies for the long tail with Hotel Ninjas and Buuteeq and these other acquisitions. It’s a really nice marriage in terms of we’re both trying to learn and build going forward.” Get the full story at Skift