Two months after launching PillowTalk, has reached a new milestone with over a third of all hotels now displaying the innovative feature. is redefining the way customers use guest reviews with the development of this new tool that enables browsers to view at a glance what previous guests have said about a particular hotel. promotes a portfolio of 11,000 properties in 40 European countries and has gathered over 300,000 unique, independent guest reviews. The 'PillowTalkTM' feature creates a 'word cluster' for each hotel that highlights the key words used by previous guests to describe that property. The size of the word denotes how many times it has been used in reviews, thereby enabling browsers to quickly identify whether or not a hotel meets their requirements.

Luke Errington, head of B2C marketing for Priceline Europe says: "With a massive choice of hotels out there, PillowTalkTM is integral to offering the consumer an unbiased, innovative way of choosing a property. For instance, customers can look at a particular hotel and immediately see the associations that others have linked with that property. Or, if a family is looking for a hotel with, for example, a crèche, they can browse through multiple hotels to see how many times other customers mentioned crèches in their reviews of those properties. In both cases customers benefit from a quick and practical tool to identify the right hotel for their needs.

"We created and built PillowTalk internally so it is a unique, bespoke product. We are confident this is the next-generation tool to help customers cope with the increasing number of guest reviews on travel websites."